ONI (animeoni) wrote in chamberatlanta,

RITUAL-Dec. 11th-Jingle HELL Rock


It's the holiday season and this month RITUAL brings you Jingle HELL Rock. Putting Satan back into Xmas.
I think you know know that anything Xmas, red and white, evil and horny will work just fine. It you don't have anything to wear just go to the $1 store and buy a Santa hat. Or wear those devil horns and give Santa the middle finger.
I will have gifts for all the extra naughty kids. So many surprises and special guest appearances. Oh you're gonna feel all tingly.
Our usual themed visuals will set the mood. The Shelter, our fabulous new home, will be decked out in Christmas decor. It will be a crazy fun yule night for sure.
DJs Spin Monkey and Aesthetic will keep you dancing in your elf shoes all night. Don't miss it and tell your friends!
21 and up. $10. Free parking.

The Shelter
2101 Tula Street
Atlanta, GA
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