ONI (animeoni) wrote in chamberatlanta,

Start your Halloween fun at RITUAL's Vampire's Ball


It is time once again for RITUAL's Vampire's Ball. I know you've been craving it all year. Come and get your fill of dancing and drinking and socializing with other Children of the Night. Be sure to tell your friends. We are thirsting for new blood.
Our themed visuals will be fabulously gory and sexy.
This month The Spot will be completely decked out for Halloween to get you in the mood. Haunt the dance floor with your ghoul for the night of your undead life. We are going to have so much fun!
Lots of fun freebies and specials for the wicked.
Bring an extra $1 to buy a rubber ducky to support Breast Cancer awareness month.
Oct. 16th-Saturday
21 and up. $10 admission
Free parking.

Join us- http://www.facebook.com/ritual.oni
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